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Thread: Auto accept appointments?

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    Default Auto accept appointments?

    It seems to me this must be a trivial thing to do, but I just cannot find out how to do it.

    I have a calendar (that is not a location or resource) that I want to auto-accept appointment invitations.

    How do I accomplish this? I looked in mail filters, nothing useful. Calendar properties -- nothing. Admin interface... still nothing.

    Any ideas?

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    Share your calendar with the user(s), and allow them to simply add appointments.


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    Thats great but I think the question is more like this.. I want them to create their vacation time in their own calendar so it shows up on their BlackBerry/mobile device but also want them to add the at an attendee and have the public@ auto add to the calendar so others will see in the public@ that this user is out?

    Can this be done? If not I think people would like this feature.

    Much thanks.

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