my problem is simlilar to the one described in thread 58540: I try to upgrade SLES 11.3 with Zimbra Network Edition 8.0.0 directly to 8.0.7. I thought the problems with SLES and LDAP have been solved in 8.0.2 - but I get the same error at the end of the upgrade-process:

Error: /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/ldap.bak is empty

That is the same error I got when trying to upgrade from SLES SP2 some days ago (now I know that SP3 is mandatory for 8.0.5 up).

I saw that the Full-Backup we make every night also has an empty ldap.bak file.

So - what should I try?

* upgrade first to 8.0.3 and then to 8.0.7 ?
* try to see if a manual ldap-backup is also empty? What command should I use for that (sorry, not very familiar with Zimbra)
* if manual ldap-backup is o.K. - what can I do to get the upgrade-process running?

I am happy with every help I can get - thank you !