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Thread: Need help with the following erro form postfix

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    Exclamation Need help with the following erro form postfix


    I'm currently using Zimbra 4.5.1 I have setup 2 servers in 2 different locations as master/slave one in a remote location and one on our local LAN with the user inboxes on it.

    When I try and send an email to a list of more than 20 people created in the admin panel I get the following error from

    Feb 23 11:15:43 mail-leb postfix/smtp[5103]: 52D1A61C05F: to=<email-address>, orig_to=<all@domain>, relay=[], delay=1253, status=deferred (host[] said: 450 4.4.2 Timed out during fwd-rcpt-to, 000 , MTA([]:10025), id=04546-01 (in reply to end of DATA command))

    And the following from zimbra.log:

    Feb 23 11:15:40 mail-leb amavis[4542]: (04542-01) (!)FWD via SMTP: <myemail> -> <people in list>
    BODY=8BITMIME 450 4.4.2 Timed out during fwd-rcpt-to, 000 , MTA([]:10025), id=04542-01
    Feb 23 11:15:40 mail-leb amavis[4542]: (04542-01) Blocked TEMPFAIL, [] [] <myemail> -> <people in list>
    Message-ID: <!~!UENERkVCMDkAAQACAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABgAAAAAAAAAm6 W+T7P2Jky6xC2pOfTuWsKAAAAQAAAAacrGTa5ID0WISkq637yQ>, mail_id: afRL3G-GEJrK, Hits: -4.266, 89662 ms

    All the users in the list have their inboxes defined on the server connected to the local LAN. This error appears both when sent from outlook or the web interface. The DNS server is configured on the mail server itself and is working correctly.

    If I stop amavisd with the following command: zmamavisdctl stop
    I get a Connection refused from on MTA delivery. However I would like this to work with amavis enabled.
    Any reason why amavis would behave like that!

    Any help in that matter would be greatly appreciated!

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