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Thread: Problems migrating huge accounts between Zimbra servers

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    Default Problems migrating huge accounts between Zimbra servers

    Hello Guys,

    We had some problems with one server which was running Zimbra 8.0.5 and a full migration was necessary.

    We installed this new server, downloaded and installed Zimbra 8.0.7 without any errors.

    Then, we started the migration process. We had just 80 accounts to migrate and everything was doing great, until few users complaints for some missing data.

    Checking the old server, we had few "huge" mailboxes, as shown:
    op@ = 5.87GB
    lais@ = 2.89GB
    daniel@ = 2.02GB
    paulo@ = 5GB

    When checking new server, mailbox sizes wouldnt match:
    op@ = 2.71GB
    lais@ = 1.55GB
    daniel@ = 1.95GB
    paulo@ = 2.72GB

    Checking mailboxes, there are lots of missing messages along their many folders.

    The backup from old server was made running this command:
     # zmmailbox -z -m $USER -t 0 getRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > $USER.tgz
    And the restore:
     # zmmailbox -z -m $USER -t 0 postRestURL "//?fmt=tgz&resolve=reset" $USER.tgz
    Also, on the new server, we had some Zimbra variables changed:

    1) /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlocalconfig -e rest_request_max_upload_size=21474836480
    2) DEDUPE was disabled on both servers
    3) Backup files seems to be ok (its filesize are bigger than the restored mailbox)

    I'm getting desperate trying to get messages back to user's mailboxes, but nothing seems to work.

    I also Googled and saw lots of people having same issue, but no solutions seems to work for me.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regargs,

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    try use zip

    zmmailbox -z -m $USER -t 0 getRestURL "//?fmt=zip" > $

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    Hi Yves,
    Thanks for replying.

    I've already done that, but get the same problem. Zimbra wont import all messages. :/

    Any other idea?

    Thanks in advance.

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