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Thread: right management in hosted environments

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    Default right management in hosted environments


    we want to host Zimbra 8 as mailservice for non-business-customers.

    Since 2 days im searching for the following settings:

    1. When adding an external pop3 or imap account, users are able to use this account to send mails. Naturally, these Mails are sent throuh our own servers and so marked as spam at external destination-adresses. How can i disable this so the user can migrate/watch their external mail accounts through pop/imap without using them as aviable send-adress in the maileditor?

    2. How can i disable account delegation? Users cant access GAL and they are not listed in the GAL. However, when using account delegation you can brute force user names and when the delegation is successfull you found an valid account name. And because all are non-business-customers I think delegation wont be used at all.

    Thank you for your time & helpfulness

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    Any ideas?

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