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Thread: Change hostname on a production server

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    Default Change hostname on a production server

    Hi !

    I need to change the hostname of a Zimbra server already in productions, how safe is it? Could it cause any data loss?

    The steps I planned to execute are:

    1 - zmcontrol stop
    2 - opt / zimbra / libexec / zmsetservername -o oldname -n newname
    3 -zmcontrol start
    4 - Check with : zmcontrol status and zmhostname

    I would appreciate any help.

    My best regards,

    Fabio S. Schmidt

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    I'd suggest you add new DNS A (if necessary) & MX records (at a lower priority than the current records) for the new hostname before you make the change, when you've done that take a backup of the server modify the hosts file and then make the changes you've listed above.


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    Hi Phoenix ! Thanks for the answer.

    I'm considering changing the hostname because the clients (Outlook 2003 to 2013) configurations points to the name of the old server. For instance, if I keep the hostname of the new server and create an alias on DNS pointing the old name to the new server, would I have some problem with the certificate?

    My best regards and sorry my poor english.

    Fabio S. Schmidt

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