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Thread: Vista/IE7 and Mixed Mode Security

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    Default Vista/IE7 and Mixed Mode Security

    Anyone here done any tests with the above combination? Vista's IE7 apparantly has a security measure that will not allow secure and insecure pages in the same window, so It will automatically open a new window to render a secure page. Well, if you have mixed mode turned on and goto the ZCS login page, it of course switches to Secure mode. Once you type your username/pass it then attempts to switch back to insecure, which opens a new window, which then (on my setup) gives an error, opens another window, and tries again and again into infinity (or the computer crashes). Has anyone else experienced this? Any work-arounds?

    Also, I did submit it to bugzilla.

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    Really sounds like a Microsoft 'feature' to me.
    Kinda makes me angry that we have to change the mail server stuff so that the crappy Microsoft stuff can actually work right!
    Ahem, yeah OK, off of my soapbox now...... ;-)

    For the Vista users, a work around would be to just have the users enter https:// in the url as well from the start so it would stay in https mode the whole time.......

    You could slao just reconfigure Zimbra do https only mode?
    Not sure how many users you have though.....

    Zimbra is doing what it's supposed to though. It's Microshaft Internet Exploder 7 that's wiggin' out.
    Is there some way to tell IE7 on Vista to trust this site or turn that feature off so it doesn't do that?
    Does it do that for Yahoo mail ( and other webmail programs ) for them as well?


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