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Thread: Users getting booted while viewing emails

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    Question Users getting booted while viewing emails


    I have been having an issue with a user getting booted from the webmail when she clicked on a specific email she received. When she was booted, she was not able to get back in as she was locked out.

    I logged into the admin console to unlock her but she would immediately get locked back up again, without her even trying to sign in again. As an admin, I was able to remove the email completely from her account and did not have the issue again. Then was able to unlock her account.

    Has anyone ever had this issue before?

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    Good morning bsun312,
    Did you try removing all zimlets for this account? And also, what do you have in access.log and zimbra.log when she do click in the email?

    I never hear nothing like this, but maybe this steps help us to understand what is going on.

    Kind regards.

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