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Thread: Adding image to HTML Signature

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    Default Adding image to HTML Signature


    I need to add a new signature to all our users in Zimbra (using the following command: zmprov csig SignatureTest zimbraPrefMailSignatureHTML "< code HTML >").

    In this HTML code there is an <a href="" containing the logo of the company. In Zimbra exist a place to upload this image (logo.jpg) and using the HTML for something as <a href=""> ?

    Thank you for your help.

    EDIT: solution worked well.
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    Hi MelkorM,
    Indeed, you can upload the PNG, or JPG to your public folder in your Briefcase, I will paste a link to my Blog, is in spanish, I'm sorry, but is very easy with images to understand everything:
    Zimbra: Firma desde el Maletín » Blog de Jorge de la Cruz

    Kind regards

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