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Thread: POP to IMAP migration

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    Red face POP to IMAP migration

    Good evening,
    I'm running Zimbra for about a year now and as I am always out of home with smartphone, laptop etc it became for me quite frustrating browsing my mail over POP, so I decided to move up to IMAP, the problem is that I read some guide including here Mail Migration - Zimbra :: Wiki but my scenario is that I don't want to move to another server or installation but instead move the mailbox which is now POP to IMAP.

    Basically I want a conversion maintaining of course all messages.

    Is that possible on Zimbra?

    Thanks in advance for all your help

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    You don't 'migrate' anything, if you want to connect to the Zimbra server then just use the IMAP connection (assuming you've enabled it in the Admin UI). If, however, you've downloaded the messages from the server to a pop3 client and that's also removed them from the server then there is nothing that a Zimbra server can do for you - they will have been deleted from the server.

    You haven't mentioned which version of Zimbra that you're using nor which product, what is it?


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    Thank you very much for your quick answer Bill.
    Sorry I forget I'm running opensource 8.0.7 GA.

    Clear, infact the problem is that I have 1232 messages stored on my apple mail client locally, if I switch to IMAP as you said through the Admin UI, my messages will be transfered from local to the server or they will be deleted?

    Is there a way to send the messages back to the server?

    Best regards

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