I'm sorry if I missed this somewhere, but I wasn't able to find this information. I'm wondering if it is possible (as it the case with Exchange) to set up Public Folders that everyone can see and also have specific permissions on those folders such that only specific users can delete the emails contained within. In addition for those folders to have their own email address, obviously an alias that's handled on the server side, but it's a nice convenience.

Public Calendars that can be seen company wide? Scheduling meeting and using others' private calendars to see if they are busy and whatnot is nice, but it would be nice to have a single calendar that is not associated at all with the individual's calendar but a place where everyone within a group can schedule things. Going along the same line, Public Contacts...Basically I'm wondering if there is a Group/Public version of the private things. I have my own mailbox but can there be several public mailboxes, calendars, contact lists, etc.