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Thread: Full Restore from Ldap and Sessions

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    Default Full Restore from Ldap and Sessions

    I'm hoping someone else has done this before because I'm a little confused as to how this is going to work. Basically, I am running Zimbra Net Edition 4.0.5 on a test machine (not server class) and have recently migrated all my users from my current E-mail server to this test machine that runs Zimbra.

    What I want to do is.... Save all the backup info on the test machine (not server class), backup my old e-mail server (server class), format the old e-mail server, load up RH EL 4 and Zimbra on the old e-mail box (server class) and then do a restore of the backups I had saved from the test machine running zimbra.

    If I had a spare server class machine this wouldn't be an issue but... yeah. Does this make sense? Or do you think it will work for that matter like I'm planning?

    Oh and I guess my next question would be, what's the command to do a full restore like that? I got the Backup and Restore guide from the Wiki and it doesn't show me. *I'm a noob with linux too*
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    All data is stored in /opt/zimbra

    Tar that up, and just move it. You may want to have a look at the wiki for backup and restore.


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