Hey guys,

I have to two domains for which Zimbra receives mail. One is one.com and the other is two.com. In order for the users to not have to type their full email email address in the username field, I created a virtual domain for two.com (mail.two.com). So all the users with addresses user@two.com go to mail.two.com and log in without putting teh @two.com part in the username field. Everything works just fine with the exception of only one user who has a very whort login (it's a two letter login like ew@two.com). Only he cannot log in through mail.two.com without typing the full email address in the username field. So has to type ew@two.com/hispassword to log in, where as all the other users can just log in by typing anyuser/theirpassword.

Is there some kinda glitch that i am unaware of? Username too short? Any ideas?