I got 3 Questions ...

1. Shared folder Expansion
User A creates a folder inside a shared mailbox. User B has this mailbox shared too so it sees the new created folder too. --> OK
User A enfolds this folder or another one... USER B immediately has this folder expanded in his own view of webmail (using ajax)
if User B enfolds something ... USER A does not see this endfolding in his own webmail view..... whats wrong ?

2. Safe Remove of Shared folder
User A and many other has a inbox Shared from another Mailaccount called support@.... for example ... User A does not want to have this shared folder (inbox or folder of support@) anymore in his view tree.
when the user clicks delete on this folder it deletes the Folder in the real support@ mailaccount.... how can a user ONLY DELETE the SHARE there is no option for "unshare"? even if he has admin privileges ... JUST
REMOVE the SHARE not the Original folder which is behind this shared folder

3. Forwarded Newsletter internal domain not shown images
A newsletter from an external domain is comning in into email account ... and is shown correctly ... OK
The newsletter is forwared ... and still shows images and everything --> OK
an newsletter INTERNALY from this mailserver is created from department A and send to the boss inside this mailserver for check .. Images are there and shown.... OK
this newsletter from the internal originator ... is forwarded ... to someone internaly or external ... the images are gone ... and not displayed anymore OK whats can this cause ?
Mail creation is standard set to HTML ... does it has to do with because it is a newsletter from the internal domain ? so some kind of DNS thing ... but why is it shown the first sending ... and only crapped after forward...
which is not the case in the external received newsletters..... ?

thanks in advance
cheers joe