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Thread: filter tagged mail received from the edge MTA

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    Default filter tagged mail received from the edge MTA

    Our edge MTA runs Symantec Brightmail and tags messages as spam before passing them along to Zimbra. However, the way it tags spam is a bit awkward:
    * First it adds the header "X-Brightmail-Tracker: random-string" if a message is spam
    * Then it adds the header "X-Whitelist: TRUE" if the sender is whitelisted. This means the message is not spam.

    How can I configure the Zimbra server to match this "double header" rule and discard or quarantine these messages?

    This is ZCS 4.5 Network Edition Trial

    Thanks for suggestions,

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    Default maybe try salocal

    I'm wondering if this can be accomplished with some extra Spamassassin rules... but I'm not sure how/where to add these.

    For example, could we make SA add +5 if the header X-Brightmail-Tracker exists, and subtract -5 if X-Whitelist: TRUE exists?

    But I'm a not sure how to implement this with Zimbra's config files... help?

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    I do something like this. I'm a dept on a campus and if the campus has flagged a message as spam I take that into account like this.

    Put this in /opt/zimbra/conf/
    header CAMPUS_FLAGGED_AS_SPAM X-UCD-Spam-Score =~ /^.*\(\*\*\*\*\*/
    describe CAMPUS_FLAGGED_AS_SPAM Campus claims it is spam over 5

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