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Thread: DNS checks out, looked at the wiki but still cannot receive mail?!?!

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    Unhappy DNS checks out, looked at the wiki but still cannot receive mail?!?!

    Ive installed zimbra on an ubuntu server. Seems to work great but I cannot receive mail unless i turn off dns lookups in zimbra. Then, i can receive mail fine but cannot send.

    In looking at the zimbra wiki it states the steps to check your domain and server MX and A records with 'host -t mx' and 'host -t a'. We did these and additionally went to and everything looks perfect. Is there something else we can check to see whats going on?

    fyi in the zimbra admin console i can see the incoming emails being deferred because the connection is refused. Zimbra sits on the same physical box as the host the records are pointing to.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

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    It's difficult to tell what's causing the problem as you haven't posted any details. The words 'NAT router' & 'split-DNS' spring to mind as I don't have anything to go on, try searching the wiki. The fact you have to turn DNS lookups off/on is indicative that your DNS isn't correct.


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    Thanks Bill. I will try with the details...let me know what you need.

    If I leave dns enabled for the MTA I get this in the logs:

    postfix/lmtp[32010]: A76D32B4728: to=<>, relay=none, delay=0, status=deferred (connect to {my ip} [ { my ip }]: Connection refused)

    I have tried the wiki solution to change the zimbraMailTransport for this user. I have tried changing it to [myhost.mydomain]:7025 and [myexternalip]:7025 with no affect.

    I can telnet to both ports 25 and 7025. I just dont get it.

    If I disable dns them i can receive fine but cannot send ( makes sense ). Im wondering if I should setup local dns but that sounds odd. Why would I have to have a local dns to point the same server its sitting on????

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Repeat your telnet test, but telnet to the IP that DNS resolves the address to - simply telnetting to the hostname will not force DNS resolution.
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