I installed zcs on my server yesterday without any problems (except for the problem with utf-8 and special chars, but patching the proper file got it solved).

First of all, it's used just for me. Noone else. And i'm only getting about let's say 50 messages per day, so it shouldn't be a problem running on rather low equip.
512mb-ram should be enough for this i think (runs flawlessly).

So since it's just for single user perpose, there should be no problem in decreasing the number of processes of tomcat, mysqld, mysqld-logger and amavisd.

Looked in the forums and found a thread about exactly this. Followed the instructions in it to modify instructions in the appropriate config files in /opt/zimbra/conf (amavisd.conf, my.cnf, my.logger.cnf, httpd.conf).
Weird thing is: after zmcontrol stop/start apache-tomcat decreased its processes about 1. the other services just start like normal with the same number of processes before i made changes to config files.

Again looking at the configs i saw, that the httpd.conf, my.cnf, my.logger.cnf looked like i left them (so changes i made where still there).
amavisd.conf somehow reverted back to its original status. So there is still (or rather again) the same number of max_servers as before i modified and saved it. (before being able to alter the files i had to chmod them, but also chmodded them back to their original state (440 and 444).

So, any hints or solutions on how i can alter the settings so that they stay and even take effect ?