Hi All,
I have a 3.0.0_M1 running on FC4, and the attempt to upgrade to 3.1.0GA failed miserably for me just now, and I was going to upgrade from there to 4.5.2 which has the fix for the DST coming this March 11th.

One of the options I have instead of trying to upgrade is to have everyone download their emails using pop3 clients and archive them (25 mailboxes + distribution lists) and rebuild with 4.5.2. but I will have to do this within next week.

So my question is this.

The server is located in a region that does not observe DST, but I'm having problems trying to login to the WEBUI once I have the MSFT DST patch installed, login session timed out, because Zimbra doesn't know how to handle EST5EDT. I can either uninstall the MSFT patch, or change my local machine's TZ to the one the server is on, problem solved.

But can anyone tell me what will happen come March 12th? what's the worse case scenario? Wrong time in scheduled calendar events? incorrect time stamp on emails? or no email at all if they come with the EST5EDT time stamp? Do I HAVE TO fix the DST bug?

Many thanks,

- Yang