Hi all,

I administer a zimbra server on wich we host several domains and email accounts, in an effort
to make the server more secure i want do disable the ability of faking the "From" and even the
domain, after sucessfully authenticated in smtp .

I will try to be more clear, user@domain.com wich exists in zimbra can send emails as if he is
nonexistingaccount@domain.com, or even nonexistingaccount@nonexistingdomain.com. This
is a big problem when an account gets hacked.

I've followed this insctructions http://www.zimbra.com/forums/adminis...tml#post250465
and solved the problem, but another problem surfaces, some of our clients use Exchange and
relay email trough a pop3 or imap connector using a single email account. when i apply the
insctructions i mentioned before this becames impossible since the email account on the
connector doesn't match the senders account, zimbra server rejects those messages.

Is it possible to only allow relaying through a specified email account?
Let's say smtp_con@domain.com relays exchange messages but any other account from
that domain has that hability.

I'm stuck, please help!

Sorry for my bad English,