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Thread: Suggestions for blocking Spam

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    Default Suggestions for blocking Spam

    We are running ZCS 8.06 currently and it's been running fine for a good 6 months. In the last month we've been inundated with Spam. Some users more than others, but some of our users are seeing 100+ emails/day which are entirely rubbish.

    I was wondering how the rest of you address this problem. Are you doing any tuning on Zimbra itself or are you using any hosted services which filter the mail before it reaches the Zimbra MTA?

    Our infrastructure is all virtualized/cloud so I'm not looking to deploy a hardware solution such as Barracuda, but would be interested in a service that acts as an MX for our domain(s) and filters out all the garbage before it hits our server.

    If there's something more we can do on the server side, let me know.

    I don't have DNSBL/SBLs in use yet, but was considering using Spamhaus or another solution to block the connections to the server.


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    Hi czguy,
    In my case, I use always this little tip for mitigate the SPAM, it works:
    Zimbra: Seguridad (I Parte) » Blog de Jorge de la Cruz Is in Spanish but very easy to follow the steps, the commands are in bold and italic.

    Also I build a special service in my own Comapny for stop the Spam, I have a lot of clients like you, and also all of them have Zimbra, I will let you the service:
    Servicio Anti-Spam de Emibin | Emibin - VPS, Hosting, Cloud, VMware, Veeam, EMC

    You can try for 15 days without pay nothing, just try and if you like it pay, if not, no worries.

    I wrote a Success History > Caso de éxito ? Servicio Anti-Spam de Emibin | Emibin - VPS, Hosting, Cloud, VMware, Veeam, EMC

    The cost is 10€/month for Filter the Incoming Mail, 10€/month for Filter the Outgoing Mail, and also you can have a dedicated IP for the Outgoing Mail. I'm based on Spain, all of the Servers of Filtering are in the Best Data Center in Madrid, and I have clients around the World using the service.

    But first of all, try my advice

    Kind regards

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