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Thread: Installing plugin

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    Question Installing plugin


    I am new to Zimbra. I have one running Zimbra mail server may i know how can i install this plugin from gallery?

    VNC CRM for Zimbra | Zimbra :: Gallery

    My platform : CentOS 6.4, Release 8.0.4_GA_5737.RHEL6_64_20130524120036 RHEL6_64 FOSS edition.


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    Hi there,

    For the CRM for Zimbra you will first need to install the ZMPKG. This is at ZCS Package Management System | Zimbra :: Gallery

    After Apt-Repository configuration, execute following commands as zimbra user to install zimlet.

    zm-apt-get update
    zm-apt-get install zcs-crm
    zmmailboxdctl restart

    And you are done.

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