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Thread: Ldap zimbra in VirtualBox to liferay 6.1.1

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    Default Ldap zimbra in VirtualBox to liferay 6.1.1


    I want to connect liferay to zimbra in Virtual Box and I need to fill this form :


    I got the url and password from the output of this command :
    zimbra@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password ldap_master_url
    zimbra_ldap_password = uGNs5PjD
    ldap_master_url = ldap://
    please I want to know if the other information are alright ??

    Thank you
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    The "principal" field is clearly wrong. The zimbra admin user DN is not uid=zimbra,ou=admin

    Also, I'd say it is generally ill advised to publicly paste the password for your zimbra admin user, as that has essentially root access to the LDAP server, which means someone could use that to create admin accounts in your system, and then do nasty things like delete your users, steal your emails, etc.
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