Since a few days I recognized something strange happening with the stats. They are showing that a huge amount of mail is sent via lmtp or smtp, e.g about 6000 mails in one hour.

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I think thats quite a lot for 22 user accounts.

I don't have an open relay. Trusted MTA-Networks are and (zimbra host).

I checked the logs for a compromised account with this:
tail -n 100000 /var/log/mail.log | grep "sasl_username=" > /tmp/smtpauthlogins.txt
I found nothing strange. Only 2 logins by admin.

So this pointed nothing out I added the
always_bcc =
to /opt/zimbra/postfix- to see all traffic. But everything seems to be finde, I don't see any SPAM.

Also the daily mail reports show nothing uncommon.

Has anyone an idea where this huge amount of mails comes from?

Thanks for any suggestions.