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Thread: Web Mail login page Error

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    Default Web Mail login page Error


    I just started setting up Zimbra mail server.

    When I am trying to login to webmail using IP or domain. it redirects to address like below

    My address is but when i try to access it gives page not found and when i look at address it shows

    Even If i try with IP address, it comes https://ipaddress/public/

    Any help on this?
    And how to create mail IDs using csv file?


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    I'll try to answer only the first question. I suggest to start a second thread/post for working in your second question regarding creating mail IDs as there are several ways to do that.

    If I ping, I can see that is a public address that resolves to Furthermore, telneting to port 25 let's me see your postfix banner (which I suggest you change for something that includes your reverse IP and a NO UCE warning).

    I also tryied using my browser to your public dns name and it, is it working for you too now?


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