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Thread: Unable to receive mails

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    Default Unable to receive mails

    I am able to send mails from newly setup zimbra server.
    But I am not able to receive any mails.

    Any configuration I need to do... for incoming and outgoing.
    And In clients to use with Outlook where I need to enable POP and SMTP..

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    Zimbra is actually able to recive e-mails right out of the box. So, let's diagnose your problems, ok?

    1) To diagnose the problem, limit to first make it work using the web client. So you don't mix problems with "outlooks" (thick clients) configurations.

    2) Try to send mail from one zimbra user to another zimbra user so you limit yourself to internal mail.

    3) Is your firewall properly configured? I mean, are you redirecting external 25 port to your internal MTA address?

    4) Try looking at /var/log/zimbra.log to check if there are any errors in there that can lead us to the solution.

    In your second question, first of all...why would you ever use outlook when you have the chance to kick that thing out of your life by using the amazing zimbra web client? In any case, POP is not as good as IMAP or MAPI, so, I would recomend to download and install Outlook conector for Zimbra and use MAPI with new profiles. If you are not able to do so, configure your outlooks to connect to the new server "name" or "IP" and the right ports either for using SMTP (25) and IMAP (143) or POP (110). Be aware of security with outlook as you may need to install zimbra certificate on them to use them (just copy /opt/zimbra/ssl/ca/ca.pem to a windows machine, rename it to ca.crt and deploy it by GPO making sure it deploys to the "trusted root certificate authorities".)


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