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Thread: Spam and whitelisting, no communication between servers

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    Default Spam and whitelisting, no communication between servers

    I was trying to configure whitelisting and spam settings using the following links:
    IP Address whitelisting - Zimbra :: Wiki
    SpamAssassin Customizations - Zimbra :: Wiki
    I am now unable to send mail from our other mail server to the zimbra server.

    I have since restarted and tried back tracking the commands.
    Mail can download now...this was one problem I had.
    However I still am unable to send between the 2 servers.

    Edit: Mail is flowing between the 2 servers now.
    Any help with the IP whitelisting using Zimbra features?
    I don't really want to add external packages that won't work when there is an upgrade.

    These are the commands and the error I had:
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig antispam_enable_restarts
    antispam_enable_restarts = false
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig -e antispam_enable_rule_updates
    Error: argument 'antispam_enable_rule_updates' not in key=value form
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig antispam_enable_rule_updates
    antispam_enable_rule_updates = false
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig -e antispam_enable_rule_updates=true
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmlocalconfig -e antispam_enable_restarts=true
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmamavisdctl restart
    Stopping amavisd... done.
    Starting amavisd...done.
    zimbra:/home/ubuntu$ zmmtactl restart
    Rewriting configuration files...done.
    Stopping saslauthd...done.
    Starting saslauthd...done.
    /postfix-script: error: unknown command: 'restart'
    /postfix-script: fatal: usage: postfix start (or stop, reload, abort, flush, check, status, set-permissions, upgrade-configuration)
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    Release 8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.

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    I went with a re-install.
    This server wasn't live yet.
    Feel free to delete this thread, or let me know how to do it myself
    Release 8.0.7.GA.6021.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.

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