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Thread: Force a reboot

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    Default Force a reboot

    I'm running Zimbra 6 in a virtual machine. I was just trying to reset the server's root password, and I guess I made a typo because I can't log back in.

    I have access to the admin console. I have access to the VMWare controls. My best hope to reset the password is boot to an Ubuntu disk and copy over the shadow'd password from another server. (This has worked for me in the past.)

    My problem is without access to the machine there's no way to shut services down that I can find. I can force the virtual machine to power off, but system doesn't have VMWare tools on the box so even a semi-graceful shut down is out. Has anyone done this before? Am I looking at thrashing the drives? Is there another way to get in and fix my password?

    Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
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