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Thread: mta restart freeze after kernel upgrade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jholder View Post
    NE Makes backing up easier. OSS doesn't have that functionality. You can zip the file, but something tells me that's not gonna fix the issue. is there actually no good way to back up an open source version? Is the zip file somehow less reliable?
    Quote Originally Posted by jholder View Post
    Try to do a google search on debian and postfix.
    I've been running postfix on debian for years. I'm not certain that's the issue.

    Thanks jholder.


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    The backup feature just backs up the data, not the scripts/binaries, etc.
    If you zip things, you may backup the very thing that's causing the problem.

    If you belive that this is a zimbra specific issue, I'd suggest filing bug so that our engineers can look at it.

    Here is the list of known debian issues:

    Good luck

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