I saw in /var/log/zimbra.log a lot of emails sending from my domain to my own domain (@fabian.com -> @fabian.com) who are listed SPAM by amavis.
I executed the comand:

#zmlocalconfig -e 'amavis_originating_bypass_sa=true'

This command allow my domain bypass amavis.

Well, i saw many accounts from my domain with a amavisBlacklistSender, in this lists many accounts are from my domain

[zimbra@mail root]$ zmprov ga 1@fabian.com amavisBlacklistSender
# name 1@fabian.com
amavisBlacklistSender: 2@fabian.com
amavisBlacklistSender: 3@fabian.com

I tryed erase the blacklist with:
#zmprov ga 1@fabian.com -amavisBlacklistSender but doesnt works

I want to know how i can delete the amavisBlacklistSender for my entire domain.

Note: We have Mailcleaner also, maybe the solution is desactivate amavis directly.

Sorry for my bad english, thanks!