I am looking for some advice or thoughts on how I setup shared calendars. I setup it up this way after reading through the forums. I may have missed some important concepts. So I figured I would ask here.

I created one account called shared-calendar. I then created a calendar for each department with in the shared-calendars user.

I then shared all the cals as viewer to the distribution list for the entire company. I then shared the calendar as manager to the distribution lists for the matching departments.

This all worked really well. My thought was everyone could view the shared calendars to see what was going on in each department but only add events if you were in that department.

My users are saying that it seems like too much work.
What they would like to see is this.

Steve is in sales. He is on the sales distribution list.
He creates an appointment for himself and Jeff from customer service. They would like the appointment to show up on the sales and customer service calendar with out any interaction from them.

I said I did not think this was possible. But it did make me think the way I am trying to have them use shared calendars may not be the best way.

I am hoping that others might have a better solution or maybe there are posts that I missed on this?