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Thread: Problem with accounts syncing imap (shared accounts)

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    Default Problem with accounts syncing imap (shared accounts)

    I have tried all things that I could find on the forum and still have the same issue.

    We have accounts that we put as 2nd account (via imap). We all use the web interface. Those accounts are in example:

    Several people read this mail and drag-n-drop handled email to a folder etc.

    We have however now the issue that when we all have the boxes open, only one or a few receive in example the new mail. Handle it and drag it to a folder. The other people don't even see the mail yet and when they see it, almost always don't see it dragged to the folder. This causes people to work on emails twice etc.

    In other words.. Imap doesn't seem to update. I've tried all things I could find on the forum, but noticed the following:

    zmprov gds (and also for all other email accounts)

    doesn't return anything. It doesn't error, just prompt back.

    What can I do? Also in several commands the datasource id is asked. How do I get the ds-id? From the logs I see sometimes: datasource... ds=helpdesk; etc., but "helpdesk" doesn't seem to be the ds-name.

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    If all of your guys work on Zimbra Web client, it would be more interactive, to share your Helpdesk Inbox folder to all relative users, and work online. You have to give Manager role for other users to at least mark read/unread. As well shared Tags and flagging could be a part of your process, to actually know, who's doing what. IMAP by default is set to sync mails 1x 5 minutes, or even more, depend on your server performance settings, where IMAP is kind of resource angry solution.

    But in any way's, I'd recommend to use propriate ticketing system upon your choice, as there are a lot more in meta information, that is helpful in your process rather just rely on internal agreement between technicians or support stuff.

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