I installed ZCS on my MacBook Pro last week to test migration of IMAP mailboxes from Cyrus IMAP on Mac OS X Server to ZCS using imapsync. It worked wonderfully, and the customer we're testing it with may become a Zimbra customer of the network edition. That said, I find that Zimbra is starting up each time I turn on my MacBook Pro now, and I'd like it to only start up when I want to. I keep having to go to /opt/zimbra/bin and use zmcontrol to stop the servers after I reboot.

I find /opt/zimbra/conf/com.zimbra.zcs.plist

What is loading this pilist? Doesn't it have to live in /Library/LaunchDaemons to load? Or did the Zimbra installer put /opt in root's or Launchd's path?

I'd rather keep ZCS on my MacBook until I need it to finish the migration rather than having to install it from scratch. Sure it only takes a half hour or so, but that's one extra half hour I'd have to spend working at night or on a weekend.