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Thread: zimbra moves emails into trash - I don't know why

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    Imap client was connecting using this account. Blackberry was configured with spam filters to move messages to trash. Disabled spam filtering and we are good now.

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    Default Disappearing Messages

    I had a user complain that Zimbra mysteriously deleted any messages left in his inbox longer than a few minutes. He also told me that if he moved the messages to another folder, the messages were "safe" and not deleted. I am using RC2, but the user was not using IMAP. I am proposing a Zimbra rollout company-wide when 5.0 is released (possibly sooner if my ISP keeps acting up), and so this came as a real concern to me.

    I sat at the user's desk, and watched to make sure that nothing untoward was happening, and lo and behold, I saw the messages disappear myself. (The messages were not going to the trash, they were disappearing altogether.) Well, once I saw it happen with my own eyes, I went to the logs and the forums. The logs had an IP address I didn't recognize doing POP lookups on my (rather small, test) system. I looked up the IP address, and it belonged to a little company in Mountain View, CA called Google. I then preceded to ask my user, "Does your G-mail account check your company (Zimbra) E-mail?" Sure enough, he answered, "Yeah, it does, but I have it set not to delete messages off the server. I'm sure." As I sat down, he said, "Well, at least I think so." His G-mail account settings told a different story.

    With a change to prevent G-mail from deleting his messages from Zimbra, the problem was solved. Thanks to adrian for mentioning POP - that set me on the right track.

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