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Thread: Extracting contacts and calendar from old installation

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    Default Extracting contacts and calendar from old installation


    I have recently gone through a painful attempted upgrade process from 3.1 on FC3 to 4.5 on Mac OS X.

    The FC3 server was old and had hardware problems.

    Essentially, it doesn't seem possible to do this upgrade path. I tried but in the end simply decided to install a fresh 4.5 on the Xserve.

    I want to be able to recover the contacts/address book and calendar data from the 3.1 installation files.

    Where are these stored?

    Or would I have to set up temporary FC3 box, get my 3.1 installation running on that, and use the SOAP API to get at these? I would prefer not to, if there is a simpler way to do this.



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    There is not a straightforward way to do this.

    The contact data is stored encoded in the METADATA column of the appropriate MAIL_ITEM table in the MySQL database. There's no simple way to get this data into a new Zimbra install.
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    OK ... looks like I might have to set up a temporary FC3 box then ...


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