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Thread: How to check if spam training is working?

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    Default How to check if spam training is working?

    I am using the outlook connector in one of my installs, the client receives a ton of spam, due to no way of training the spam filter from outlook easily i searched the net and found a vbs script that i run as a macro that forwards the spam to the spam training account and then depending on user preferences deletes it or moves it to the outlook junk folder.

    If i look in the spam training inbox there are 150 messages from march 8 until today march 12.

    Is there a way to check to see if this process is working? spam doesn't seem to have gone down.

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    It sounds like you zmtrainsa isn't running, it should clear the spam training mailbox. You do mean the spam mailbox and not the Junk folder, don't you? Have a look at your cron jobs and see if the zmtrainsa is ther, try running it manually. I assume all the Zimbra services are up and running? You should also check your tag/kill percentages and see if you need to change them.


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