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    Default Missing Emails

    Hi All,
    firstly i am new on here and REALLY new to linux so please be patient with me as i know not what i do.

    i have installed the desktop edition of ubuntu 6.06 (ran all the updates etc) once thats done i have installed Zimbra used the OSS version (4.5.3), got NO errors that i could see or had as "popups" along the way.

    once this is all done and installed a final Linux update and everything seems well

    this is what i did next and what is not working for me.

    1 logged into admin site and created a new user.
    2 logged in as that user, created an email to and sent it.

    3 logged in as admin... NO EMAIL, wheres it gone as if i check the mail que it shows it there until i refresh the page then its GONE but i never get it.

    whats going wrong what have i stuffed up or not stuffed up.

    i tried NSLOOKUP via a putty session on the linux box and got this response.

    root@Zimbra-Server:~# nslookup

    Non-authoritative answer:

    am i correct in thinking that the DNS server that was installed and configured is not working correctly and is actually finding on the internet and fowarding the email onto it???

    thanks for any help or advice.


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    ok just to make sure that noone needs read and answer this thread it was the DNS entry in BIND that was wrong when i typed it out.....

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