I'm hoping to be able to work with some folks in a web hosting environment to make Zimbra available to their customers when the Network version is stable.

What most hosting companies do is give you an account on their system, which contains so many free IMAP/POP accounts as well as email aliases in addition to the primary account you have.

I think most users with these hosting companies would love to have Zimbra available. And the Network Edition would be perfect, with it's hot backups, clustering, delegated admin, and such.

However, needing to pay for each user account could go against the grain hosting companies have in place right now. The account owners would have much to gain by Zimbra, but the sub accounts they create, the IMAP/POP only accounts, may be for entirely different projects and often users of them wouldn't require a collaberation suite.

Would you consider a Zimbra licensing scheme that required a payed license for each "full" account, but perhaps offer free IMAP/POP only accounts (no web access, no Outlook, no PDA sync, just IMAP/POP)? This would allow for Zimbra to fit right into the existing structure of hosting companies.