We're in the process of migrating to Zimbra (OSS). Since not all our users have been moved over we are currently using an external OpenLDAP that already has all our users for the Zimbra GAL. Eventually, when all users are migrated, we will switch to the internal LDAP for the GAL. In order to prepare for this changeover I've been doing a little testing and have run into an area of confusion, specifically related to aliases.

In searching bugzilla I came across bug 10456, which specifically addresses hiding aliases in GAL search. This bug has been marked fixed, and in testing it I have found this to be the case, except when searching for an address in "New Contact Group" screen. Here all addresses, including aliases show up. Further searching of bugzilla turned up bug 14919, which also is related to hiding aliases in GAL. This bug is marked as an enhancement, with a status of ASSIGNED and version of 5.0.0. There are no votes for this enhancement, and a lot less details than the other bug. If I'm reading correctly this enhancement would add the ability to hide individual aliases through the admin console. I didn't find anything related to the aliases showing up in the "New Contact Group" screen. Does yet another "Hide aliases in GaL" bug need to be filed for this issue?