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    Default Any Body Who Can Solve This

    I am using Zimbra 3.0 Ver colloboration suite.
    I have following sinerio

    1. I have created mail accounts using numbers like 1234, 1235, 1236 etc users logon their accounts using this numbers and password.

    2. The users have some other email addresses which are created and mapped to appropriate user usein appointment manager for example:
    user 1234 can have email address like this
    when some body send mail to it automatically delivered to the mail box of user 1234. Like this one user can have multiple email addresses and also one email address can have multiple users mapped means if email address is mapped to users 1234 and 1235 etc then if some body send mail to it automatically delivers to all the users mail box who are mapped to this email address. Upto this point every thing working fine no problem.

    3. Now problem is that if one user having multiple email addressess then when he sends a mail to other user then he is not able to select that which email address to be used as retrun path infact there is no provision to select from : email address in mail compose windows when a user have multiple email address but it automatically takes the first email address which alphabatically come first Example:

    If user 1234 have two mail address as and and also user 1235 have address as and user 1234 sends a mail to some body he has no choice that which mail address to be used in the return paht and it automatically takes (As it alphabatically come first) and if the person who receive this mail just give return reply to him then mail will come to and it automatically deliveres users 1234 and 1235 (this users also have mail address whereas it should not go to user 1235 as he did not send this mail.

    4. So please any body can give me any solution for this problem if user will be able to select from address while composing the mail. (If he has multiple mail address) or the return mail address to be used as number of the user and not the mail address.

    Waiting for prompt response

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    3.0 is End of Life, and isn't supported anymore
    I think you're looking for aliases.


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