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Thread: Multiple Domains Question

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    Default Multiple Domains Question

    Hi All,
    just a quick question that i am unsure about...

    my company has multiple domains so for instance,

    my question is even though the user is if i send an email to will that user still get it??

    i know its a bit of a dumb question but i cannot find anything really relevant that answers my question.

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    It depends on how you setup your domains in your Zimbra server.

    If you used domain aliasing between your three domains,, and will be the same mailbox.

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    Hi Klug,
    thanks for the reply, thats pretty much what was stumping me i have only been using Zimbra in a test enviroment for around 3 days and am also really new to linux, so i had no idea where to start with that one.

    what you have said is exactly what i want todo, as we have around 12 Domain's for different things but they all go to the same users.


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