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Thread: Average Msg Delay times?

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    Default Average Msg Delay times?

    I am a new zimbra administrator and I like what I see.

    I am trying to benchmark the throughput though before putting into production.

    Based on the Daily Mail report these are the stats so far:
    1988 messages found for 1992 total recipients (11 unique)
    37987404 total bytes
    19108.35 average bytes/msg
    1.00 average recipients/msg
    11.66 average delay/msg (sec)

    The average delay/msg is always between 6 and 12 seconds for the last 5 days. Is this normal? How can I speed it up? The web client and admin panel work very fast. No noticible delay anywhere in the suite except in the daily mail report.

    The hardware is a 2.4 Ghz box with 512MB ram.


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    first, get more ram. I added another 512 into my box from 1024 and it made a world of a difference. Rather than having a 1gb swap file, it's only about 80mb now. And a 6-12 seconds delay/msg time is about normal. I get that on my machine which is a dual core amd64 4200+ 1.5gb ram and it's pushing almost 5k messages per day.
    the mail has to go through alot of steps before it's actually delivered.
    incoming mail queue -> spam agent -> anti virus agent -> lmtp transport...etc...etc..check out the zimbra network architecture document at

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