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    Default Domain name change...

    Hi everyone...

    We just recently purchased a new domain name and as such, all of our infrastructure components will have to reflect the new domain.

    I'm not at all worried about changing my Windows Server Domain to reflect the new name (just change the domain name at the forest root), but what worries me is changing the name of my Zimbra server.

    Anyone have any experience completely changing their network from one domain to another and dragging Zimbra along with it? I mean, I'll be changing host names and everything, which once again is easy on a Windows domain, but my Zimbra server is not a part of the domain. Will it just be less of a pain to wipe/rebuild on the new domain and restore mail stores from backup?

    Any tips/advice/help would be greatly appreciated!



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    I will post a tiny update by saying that I just found another thread on here that attempts to cover this issue.

    So I'll narrow it down...

    Anyone try to do this with a Zimbra 4.5 server?

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    Perhaps. Are you on NE, or OSS?
    Either way, it won't matter. Have you looked at the wiki?

    There's some info there. I've seen people successfully move/migrate domains. . .so don't think that will be an issue.

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