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Thread: Changing Logoff URL in Webmail

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    Default Changing Logoff URL in Webmail


    My setup:
    Zimbra runs on behind a firewall. Access from the outside takes place via imaps & smtps ports are forwarded to and the Webmail-URL gets forwarded through a proxy in Apache2 on

    Everything just works fine, except logoff in the Webmail; while working in Webmail, I alwas have as URL in the address. But as soon as I log off, the address changes to And that domain is invisible from external...

    How can I change the URL of the Logoff link?

    It used to work as I wish in 4.0.5, but in 4.5.3 I have the behaviour as described above. I'm using the Opensource edition on Debian 3.1

    Thank you for your hints!

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    Hack the gibson and steal the garbage file first. Then put it on a yellow floppy disk and hide it in a heating/cooling vent while chain smoking. That's the only solution I can come up with.

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