Using mainly Thunderbird, I have been moving my emails to the Junk folder for quite some time now.
Yesterday I thought: strange that it seems that spamassassin doesn't get any smarter.
So I looked around a bit and executed under the zimbra user:

zmtrainsa mail.mydomain.com user password spam Junk

to train spamassassin using the emails I have moved to the Junk folder.
All email were processed and everything looked ok.

Then, in the course of the day, I started getting lots of spam in my Inbox instead of in my Junk folder.
I investigated a little and saw that Bayes is no longer in the X-Spam_Status tests.
I thought it could have to do with permissions so I tried zmfixperms but that didn't help.

I'm running zcs-4.5.3_GA_733.UBUNTU6.tgz on edgy.

Any ideas???

kind regards, Bart.