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Thread: zmmailbox command help

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    Default zmmailbox command help


    This is for the Open Source edition of Zimbra 4.5.3 on Ubutuntu 6 (zcs-4.5.3_GA_733.UBUNTU6.tgz)

    Having backed up one users mailstore, I'm trying to use the zmmailbox command to import it onto another server. zmmailbox interactive (as below) works for me but crashes before it completes importing all the messages. This seems to be a resource problem...

    I would like to create a script to import messages one at a time into the mailbox which hopefully will work around this problem. Looking at the docs, --help and forum I just can't figure out the syntax.

    As the zimbra user here's the interactive command that I run:

    zimbra@myhost: zmmailbox
    mbox> authenticate myuser@myhost myuserspass
    .. returns information on the myuser mailbox size, messages, status
    mbox myuser@myhost> addMessages INBOX ./store/0/5/msg/0

    I know that at the command line I can pass

    zmmailbox addMessages INBOX ./store/0/5/msg/0/$msg

    but how do I perform the user authentication piece? I know that I can authenticate as admin but then changing to the users message store to import the message is unclear

    thanks for the help


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    I believe "zmmailbox -z -m myuser@myhost am INBOX ./store/0/5/msg/0" is what you're looking for? that will authenticate as the zimbra administrator and open the mailbox for myuser@myhost and add ./store/0/5/msg/0 to the INBOX.
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    that's working great.. now that you have explained it for me the -z -m command arguments make total sense. The only thing that needs to be done now is for me to adjust the zimbra timestamp on the messages and I'm all set - thanks.

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