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Thread: zimbra to authenticate linux users using nis.schema

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    Default zimbra to authenticate linux users using nis.schema

    Say I want to use our zimbra server to authenticate linux users with the nis.schema. I'm sure technically it "can work" but then, if I add users through zmprov (or the admin web interface), that will just do the default zimbra account/ldap data.

    I'd then have to have a separate script to make sure the nis.schema is set (or that the LDAP entry contains the objectClass for nis.schema).

    I found some postings that mention how you can provision/add zimbra accounts through SOAP - is this what I need to do?

    Ultimately I want a webpage that will ask for all new user information, and then will trigger whatever scripts that have to be done to get the new employee setup. Currently it's a mishmash of scripts and some manual gruntwork.

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    You might be better just to set up an LDAP server and have zimbra auth to that.
    Zimbra doesn't provision accounts when you use use external auth, but it should work.

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    Ah, thanks. I have a couple quick followup questions then:

    1) do the distinguished names have to match up? I notice that if I add through zmprov or the admin web interface, the user's LDAP entry all goes into the people OU:

    But currently, our openLDAP's DN structure is multi-level OU like so:
    cn=George Jetson,ou=Engineering,ou=people,dc=microsoft,dc=co m
    cn=George Clooney,ou=Sales,ou=Business,ou=people,dc=microsof t,dc=com
    cn=Jorje Luis Borges,ou=Advertising,ou=Business,ou=people,dc=mic rosoft,dc=com

    2) the nis.schema doesn't have to exist on the zimbra server - or in ohter words, doesn't have to be defined in the slapd.conf? So long as the zimbra openldap can query across to the other machine that is doing the authentication (has the nis.schema defined in slapd.conf). Is this right?

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