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    Default document synchronisation

    I'm new to zimbra, and it looks like a great environment... I got one question before I start installing- mabye it's the wrong section for this question, too:
    I want to be able to synchronise documents (like OpenOffice, Word etc.) with one user and also a group of users. Is this possible? or will it?
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    I'm gonna move this to the administrators forum

    There are two methods, one available now, one available later.
    1) You can create a domain level wiki doc, or you can creat a wiki doc in your account and share it out. In this method, you don't have Open Office/MS docs as such, but rather you can attach them for others to view/download/edit/reupload.
    2) We are working on shared folders, and it's comin. We've got this planned for 5.0 (which we're diligently working on BTW)


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    Default Sync

    Hi John, thanks for the quick answer
    are these shared folders able to synchronise to a desktop? Or would there be a way to do so? Thinking of webdav, unisync or similar... something that works with encryption without VPN's... Or (ok, without knowing much about the structure) would it be fairly easy to implement something myself and "hooking" it into the main system?

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