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Thread: Viewing Schedules for Resources/Locations

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    Default Viewing Schedules for Resources/Locations

    Is there a way to view the entire schedule of a Resource or Location in the Calendar?

    As a user, I can view my whole week.

    Can I view (and print) a whole week's worth of events taking place in the same Zimbra location?

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    Sounds like a good enhancement.
    The only way to get a resource on a schedule is to book it.

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    Let me expand on the question here. If someone books a resource, how do you tell who has done the booking? Say someone books a conference room and another, more important meeting needs to take place in that room. How would the new meeting creator contact the person who has the room reserved in order to let them know that the they need access to the room and need to move the original meeting?

    This is pretty straightforward in other calendaring solutions as a user may be assigned as responsible for a resource, so you have a point of contact and you can usually login to the calendar as the resource to see who has booked it.

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    Why not log into Zimbra as the resource, then print the calendar you're referring to?

    I definitely agree with nycsmart1 on identifying who books a resource, but your original question.

    I am not at my zimbra installation at the moment, but I'm nearly certain I printed output like you're asking about as a test, as the group needed that.


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    NycSmart1 Guest


    I tried logging in as the resource, but can not login. Are you sure that this works?

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    I just ran into this limitation on a trial Zimbra install and I want to make sure I understand it correctly:

    There's no way for a user to view the calendar for a location (like a conference room) to help them pick a time for a meeting without logging in as the resource in question? There's no way to know if a given location is busy without trying to schedule it?

    That just seems completely ridiculous - it's such an obvious feature I can't believe it's not already included. If I'm trying to set up a meeting in a conference room how am I supposed to know what times are available? What if I need to know who has a room booked?

    Am I misunderstanding the whole concept here?

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