We're primarily a Windows shop, but have two Mac OS X users. I'm trying to move these two users from Mac's Mail.app to the Zimbra Web Client. Moving the email over is a piece of cake, but I'm stuck on the address book. Two questions/issues have come up:

1) Mail.app itself does not have an export to CSV option, but I've found a few small OSX apps that will do this. However, I'm unsure how/if the files exported from these apps will import into Zimbra. I'm looking at the Zimbra Wiki page on importing and exporting contacts, and I'm going to play around a bit, but if anyone has any insight on this and can pass it along it would be appreciated.

2) The Mac users are claiming that when they send/receive email in the Mail.app e-mail addresses are accumulated somewhere other than the Address Book. Anyone know where these addresses are saved and if it is possible to get them into a format that can be imported into Zimbra?