I have a new 4.5.3NE install that is working great so far. I'm able to send & receive mail to/from almost anywhere. My problem is that my users can't send mail to hotmail.com and msn.com email addresses. I've found other problems that admins are having that are similar, but not quite the same. The messages don't go into the Junk folder, they don't show up at all. I've checked my logs, and even setup a debug_peer_list with hotmail.com in it. Everything looks good - I see the normal 250 messages, "Sender OK", and finally "status=sent". I thought it might have to do with reverse DNS not being configured, but I had my ISP take care of that a few days ago, and things still aren't working. Today I broke down and contacted M$ support, but they've been less than helpful, having me check filters, junk mail config, etc. on the hotmail side.

Has anyone experienced this? Any tips or pointers for things I can do?

Thanks, Justin.